Roy Moore To Appear On Baron Cohen’s Show

Moore To Appear On Baron Cohens Show

Following Sarah Palin’s admission about being duped into an interview with comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for his forthcoming political satire series “Who Is America?,” former Alabama judge and Republican Roy Moore is the latest to admit he was also taken in by the “Borat” and “Bruno” star.

Moore lost an election in December after allegations surfaced of him initiating an inappropriate encounter with a 14-year-old girl decades ago. Today, Moore said in a statement which you can see below that he accepted an expenses-paid trip to Washington in February to ostensibly receive an award for supporting Israel.

This follows on from Cohen allegedly posing as a disabled veteran in order to talk to Palin. Moore threatens possible litigation in a statement should the Showtime series air a defamatory attack on my character. Showtime has so far declined to comment on the series which premieres this coming Sunday.