Rourke Set for “Passion,” “Iron Man 2”

After much back and forth in the media, Mickey Rourke has closed his deal to play the Russian villain in “Iron Man 2” reports the trades.

Rourke’s involvement was unsure when it was revealed he’d been offered a mere $250,000 to be villain in the major studio feature – his new price, though not disclosed, is thought to be notably higher.

Rourke has apparently met with Jon Favreau and scribe Justin Theroux to develop his character Whiplash which will be an amalgamation of that villain and Crimson Dynamo from the comics.

Marvel still won’t confirm Rourke’s involvement at present.

Rourke has also attached himself to indie drama “Passion Plays” which scribe Mitch Glazer (“The Recruit,” “Scrooged”) will write and direc. A female lead is currently being sought.