Rotten Tomatoes Adds More Diverse Critics

Rotten Tomatoes Adds More Diverse Critics

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes is trying to highlight more diverse voices in film criticism and so has announced plans to drastically change-up its Tomatometer ranking system.

Specifically, it is adjusting its criteria to include new media platforms, such as podcasts and streaming shows, as opposed to only written notices for pre-approved publications. The site will also include all the work freelance writers whose writing may appear on personal blogs or other platforms instead of only focusing on the pieces they publish for specific print outlets.

Over 200 new Tomatometer-approved critics have already been added to Rotten Tomatoes and the service expects to keep growing its ranks in an effort to include more women and people from under-represented communities. White critics wrote 82% of the reviews of the top 100-grossing films of last year, just over 20% were written by women.

There is also apparently consideration for the possibility of no longer separating ‘top critics’ from the rest of the critical pack. In the Interest of full disclosure, I am a tomatometer-approved critic.

Source: Variety