Roth On Why The “MEG” Shark Will Be CGI

Horror film director Eli Roth is famous for his low-budget gory projects and reliance on visual effects that use as many practical make-up and sets as possible.

Which is why his next project is a bit of a stretch – the long in development prehistoric shark film “MEG” at Warner Bros. Pictures. Out doing press rounds this week, Roth spoke with Collider and talked about why he’s gone to pure digital effects to render the giant shark of the title:

“We just turned in the script to the studio and I’m designing the artwork now. I’m doing some character and creature designs. It’s so much fun. I cannot wait.

The thing is with Meg, the size of the creature, it sort of becomes impractical to do it practically, but I’ve seen how they’ve done the whale in In the Heart of the Sea. They showed me footage and they’re like, ‘Before you judge CG, take a look at this,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god.’ The whale in In the Heart of the Sea looks so good. I was like, ‘All right, we’re good.’

I wouldn’t do the movie unless I believed the technology was there to do it and the great thing is with Warner Bros and the team that we’re doing [it] with, we’re gonna have the resources to do it right.”

Warner Bros. Pictures has yet to announce a date for “MEG” at this point.