Ross Plans A Visit To Cracktown

Evan Ross, Michael Rapaport, Kerry Washington and Victor Rasuk are attached to star in Buddy Giovinazzo’s drug-fueled indie urban drama “Life Is Hot in Cracktown” reports Reuters.

The story intertwines several unsettling tales of people in a neighborhood ravaged by crack cocaine.

Ross, the 18-year-old son of singer Diana Ross, also is starring in Jessy Terrero’s thriller “Brooklyn to Manhattan” about four Manhattanites stalked by killers in Brooklyn subway tunnels after a failed drug deal.

Ross was at the center of a recent controversy when the MPAA banned a poster for the upcoming swimteam drama “Pride” because of a revealing shot of him in a speedo was deemed digitally enhanced.

Lionsgate was forced to prove that the photo wasn’t altered and won the case – “he’s just naturally well-endowed” said a spokesperson.

My new favourite actor also appears in the upcoming films “Gardens of Night,” “Life Support,” and “Burning Sands”.