Rosenberg On Crank 2, Underworld 3

Lakeshore Entertainment’s Tom Rosenberg attended this past weekend’s “Untraceable” junket and spoke with Collider a little about two of the companies big upcoming sequels:

Crank 2: “We have a script and we are starting it right about April 1st”. The hook this time isn’t a poison, but an electric heart – “It’s actually similar and more extreme, so what propels Jason is even more extreme than the drug that he took.” Aside from increased salaries, the budget and shooting schedule is essentially the same as the first.

Underworld 3: “It’s a theatrical release definitely… I think it’s the strongest story that we’ve put together of the three… I think it leads to a fourth. The third is a prequel, so the fourth would carry on where Kate and Scott Speedman left off after two, so I think this is going to be terrific really this one.” As for the story, it will deal with how Victor (Bill Nighy) met Lucian (Michael Sheen) and how the latter becomes the leader of the werewolves. The whole film is also told from the werewolf’s perspective, not the vampires.