Rosenberg Clarifies “Breaking Dawn” Talk


Remember when “Twilight” film scribe Melissa Rosenberg mentioned we wouldn’t be seeing either the rough-and-tumble sex scene or the disturbing birthing scene from “Breaking Dawn” on screen in the film adaptation? Turns out that’s not quite the case.

Rosenberg tells Popsugar that her quote was taken out of context and the scenes will be shown, just not in a graphic way – “That was a misquote. The childbirth – all the scenes, I feel – should be on screen. I think perhaps what I was referring to was, would we actually see Edward’s teeth through the placenta? I don’t think so. I don’t think we need to see that, and if someone needs to see that, I think they should take a look at that. [Laughs.] I believe it will be implied, but I don’t think we’ll see teeth in the placenta.”

The scribe also talked about the fun she had writing Bella in this upcoming film – “Bella as a vampire and her adjusting to her powers and embracing them, those are all really fun scenes to write. Particularly when you picture Kristen Stewart playing her, and the way she’s embodied Bella as a sort of awkward, fidgety persona. When she turns into a vampire, all of that goes away.”