Room in Rome Joins Oz Film Fest, New Clip

One of the most buzzed about European films set to open this year, “Room in Rome” is the latest feature from Julio Medem (“Sex and Lucia”).

Set in a hotel room over the course of twelve hours one summer, the story follows two young women – Alba (Elena Anaya) and Natasha (Natasha Yarovenko) who share a night of both sensual passion and secrets. The next morning they go their separate ways and back to their respective partners, but will always remember that magical night.

The film shot to online infamy in January this year when an extremely steamy trailer caught a lot of attention before being quickly taken offline. Soon after a raunchy poster made its debut to much talk.

Today came the announcement that the film is set to screen as part of Sydney’s 13th Spanish Film Festival in May, considered to be the the most important Spanish cultural event in Australia.

The screenings take place in five major capital cities in early-mid May, just days after its World Premiere as the Closing Night film at the 13th Malaga Film Festival.

Further details can be found on the official site which also includes a new sneak preview edited by Julio Medem. This is not as raunchy as the first preview, there’s no actual sex scenes in this one beyond kissing. However there is brief frontal nudity combined with some acrobatic jumping, hugging and rolling around so parents be advised.

On the whole the clip is actually quite a beautiful, sensual and honest piece, the music and cinematography are very striking and I hope the full film is as promising as this preview.