Room Helmer Plans Bisexual Boxer Tale

Following on from the rave reviews for “Room,” director Lenny Abrahamson and producer Ed Guiney are re-teaming for a biopic about boxer Emile Griffith at Element Pictures and Film4.

The sweet natured Griffith won world titles in two weight classes, but is mostly remembered for his vicious brawl with Benny ‘The Kid’ Paret. Paret grabbed Griffith’s ass during the weigh-in and called him homosexual.

Griffith was actually bisexual, but that was taboo in 1962 – especially in the macho culture of boxing. Soon after Griffith beat Paret into a coma in the ring during a live nationwide TV broadcast – Paret ultimately dying from his injuries. Griffith, and boxing, were vilified.

The film will be based on Donald McRae’s book “A Man’s World: The Double Life Of Emile Griffith”. Abrahamson intends to adapt it with a co-writer and direct the film as soon as possible.

Source: Deadline