Ronald Reagan Is A Character “Fargo” S2

FX CEO John Langraf used his network’s TCA presentation over the weekend to drop a few hints about the upcoming second season of the network’s multi-award winning anthology series “Fargo”. Filming on the new episodes kick off in Calgary this week.

Langraf tells EW that former U.S. President Ronald Reagan will serve as a character in the new season: “It’s a big sprawling, in some ways, more comedic [season], though at times, a very serious show. It’s set in the late seventies against the backdrop of Ronald Reagan’s first campaign for President of the United States. Reagan is a character in it.”

Patrick Wilson plays a younger version of Keith Carradine’s Lou Solverson from the first season. Here, he’s returning home from Vietnam in 1979 and becomes assigned to Reagan’s protection detail during a Presidential trip to South Dakota.

Langraf adds that Reagan isn’t merely a small role either, as an actor will be hired for the role and will interact with the main characters. Whomever is playing the part hasn’t been revealed as yet.

Finally, Langraf says strong female roles are a big part of the new season: “A lot of what it’s about is the cultural transformation that was going on at the time. It’s about the sense that the war has come home. It’s also about feminism, so there are some really significant female characters. It’s a big, sprawling, incredibly ambitious [series]. Noah [Hawley] just channeled the Coen brothers and tells stories in a way that’s so fresh and so surprising.”

Source: EW