Ronald Reagan Gets A Biopic

Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan is set to get a $30 million biopic which will be rather reverential in tone according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jonas McCord (“Malice,” “The Body”) is penning the script for “Reagan” which begins with his 1981 assassination attempt and follows his story through both flashbacks and flash-forwards that will show how the Hollywood actor became the leader of the free world. Paul Kengor’s two best-selling biographies of the man will be used as the basis for the script.

Ralph Winter and Mark Joseph will produce. No actors or director have been signed a yet, though final financing is being locked down now and a late 2011 release is being planned.

CBS was slated to air the mini-series “The Reagans” in 2003, but controversy over its apparent left-wing bias pushed it to premiere on cable outlet Showtime. James Brolin starred as Reagan in that mini-series.