Ron Perlman Talks “Conan,” “Mountains”

Ron Perlman tells The Examiner that he only has ten minutes of screen time in the upcoming “Conan the Barbarian” reboot as the father of the teenage version of Conan (Leo Howard) in the early sequences.

“I can’t tell everything, but the first sequence is huge. it’s epic. All I can tell you is that I work with the Conan who’s 11 years old. And there’s a jump cut to Conan the adult, and I’m no longer on the scene. I don’t want to give away anything” says Perlman who didn’t get to work with Jason Momoa who plays the adult version of Conan.

Perlman also spoke to io9 about the H.P. Lovecraft adaptation “At the Mountains of Madness” and a third “Hellboy”.

In ‘Mountains’, Perlman will play the animal wrangler who helps the scientific expedition get to the mountains.- “I ‘m a rough guy, among all these scientists. I’m a contrast to the deeply intellectual world that’s being explored. I live outside all the time, I live in the elements. I’m a no-bullshit kind of guy in a world of guys who just live in their heads.”

Perlman has no idea as to when it will begin shooting as the project still hasn’t been officially announced yet. He also goes into some potential story details of a third “Hellboy”, click here to see that.