Ron Perlman Keen On A Third “Hellboy”

Despite love from fans and critics, Guillermo del Toro’s two film adaptations of Mike Mignola’s “Hellboy” graphic novel series haven’t been a big hit with audiences.

The first took in $99 million worldwide from an $85 million budget. The second fared better with $160 million worldwide from a $66 million budget. Despite the mild improvement, Universal hasn’t been keen to pull the trigger on a third film in the series.

Ron Perlman, the “Sons of Anarchy” star who plays the character with the help of a lot of make-up, recently spoke to CBM and says that he’s actively campaigning for a green light for the film due to the plans del Toro has in mind for what would be a trilogy capper:

“I’d like to finish it. I’d like for there to be a third film because the first two films were set up for this huge resolve and he already understands what that resolve will look like.

He [del Toro] never gave me the nuts and bolts of it, but he gave me a rather broad strokes sketch of what the third film would look like and it’s so epic and so deserved by the fans that hung in there for the first two that I really feel as though it’s essential that we make it.

So I fight for it every day. Sometimes I’m the only voice and sometimes there are others, but I’m never going to stop trying to get Hellboy 3 made.”

Back in February, “Hellboy” creator Mike Mignola said: “I would be thrilled to see a third one made. I know Ron would like to do it and I think if ANYONE could talk Universal into it it would be del Toro. After #2 someone at the studio assured me that they would NEVER make a third and that was the last contact I had with anyone at Universal. That was a long time ago and things change and I do hope things will change, but who knows. Certainly it all has nothing to do with me. The fate of a third film is entirely somewhere between del Toro and Universal.”