Ron Moore Talks Galactica Mini-Series

We won’t be seeing a fourth season of “Battlestar Galactica” until January 2008, but show runner Ron Moore talked with Salon on the weekend about the mini-series coming before then in the Fall.

“There is something that they’re calling “extra episodes” or “extended episodes” — they keep shifting the nomenclature. Essentially, we are shooting two hours of “Galactica” that will be broadcast on SciFi Channel sometime in the fall. Let’s say they broadcast it on a Friday; then, on the following Monday, it will be available on DVD” says Moore.

What will it contain? “That story will not pick up our cliffhanger at the end of Season Three. That didn’t seem right. The story will be set on the Battleship Pegasus and will take place in the past, relative to where we are in Season Three. But the events set up in that story will then pay off in Season Four”

Why do that? “There was no way we could pick up the cliffhanger in that format, and then ask people to wait to really start the season later. One of the story lines everyone had really liked was the Pegasus story and the character of Admiral Cain, so we decided to go with that.”