Ron Howard The New “Han Solo” Frontrunner?

The hunt for a new director on the “Han Solo” spin-off film is well underway at Lucasfilm and Disney with three names, including one favorite, already in contention.

Heat Vision reports that Ron Howard has emerged as a favorite to take over for Phil Lord and Chris Miller following the announcement of their abrupt exit last night.

They also add that both Joe Johnston (“Captain America: The First Avenger,” “The Rocketeer”) and even the film’s legendary screen writer Lawrence Kasdan are also in contention.

Kasdan seems the obvious choice given how involved he is already, but DGA rules prevent someone already working on a film taking over for a director and could come into play in this case.

It is expected that both signing and getting a new director up to speed will take the next several weeks as they will have to go over what Lord and Miller have shot, re-edit what they’ve filmed and then work from there.

Production is expected to be shut down on the project in the meantime.