Ron Howard Talks “Heart of the Sea” Delay

One of the biggest news stories of this week was the nine-month delay of Ron Howard’s “In the Heart of the Sea,” the true story tale about a whaling crew that inspired Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick”.

Originally slated for release in March, the movie was pushed back and is now scheduled to hit in the more lucrative and awards-ripe December 11th. It’s a significant delay, and Howard has since explained to THR that the reasoning comes down to marketing data:

“They analyzed the way people are responding to our movie now which is very favorable now that it’s finished, the way people responded to the marketing materials, and they also looked out how the market expanded this last Christmas increasing a wide array of movies.

There was a larger audience. I wanted as many people to see this movie on the big screen as possible and I do feel like it’s more of that fourth quarter, early winter kind of feel in terms of the tone of the movie.”

This past Christmas saw several major hits all hitting at once, including true story tales like “Unbroken” which demonstrated that there’s an audience out there for serious adult-targeted films during the holidays.

Even so, there’s still the likely possibility that the marketing for the film will get a bit of an overhaul before it begins again in earnest.