Ron Howard Lined Up To Direct “The Warehouse”

Imagine Entertainment has scored the screen rights to the Rob Hart novel “The Warehouse”. Beating out four other bidders for movie and TV, company chief Brian Grazer grabbed the property which he will produce and will be turned into a directing vehicle for his longtime partner Ron Howard.

Set to be published next year, the story is set in a near-future America ravaged by political strife and climate change. An online retail giant named Cloud brands itself a global savior but hides a dark truth.

Two of its employees, one in security and the other a spy, meet and fall in love. However, their relationship is threatened by the deadly nature of the spy’s mission and the mega-corporation they both work for.

The news comes on the eve of the premiere of Howard’s “Solo: A Star Wars Story” at the Cannes Film Festival next week.

Source: Deadline