“Romper Stomper” Gets A Series Sequel

Australian streaming service Stan has announced a six-episode series remake of Geoffrey Wright’s “Romper Stomper,” the iconic 1992 film which marked young actor Russell Crowe’s breakout performance as an unpredictable neo-Nazi.

Wright, Daina Reid and James Napier Robertson will helm episodes of the series which will see supporting cast members Jacqueline McKenzie and Dan Wyllie reprising their roles (Crowe will not return). David Wenham, Lachy Hulme, Sophie Lowe and Toby Wallace will also star.

Wallace will play Kane, a drifter who gets drawn into a hard-right Australian nationalist group. Wright tells SMH the aim is to explore the human face of extremism twenty-five years on:

“It’s contemporary, set in a post-Brexit, Trump world, where the right-wing politics of then have come into the centre in a much more menacing way.

We’ve got an anti-fascist point of view and a secular Muslim point of view and the characters from back then – the ones who are still alive – are still with us and active in the world, and a new wave of nasties are afoot.

The right-wingers in our story aren’t the only violent people. We throw a light on a group on the other side of the fence that really hasn’t been exposed much before.”

Wright, Robertson, rapper Omar Musa and author Malcolm Knox will pen the series and legendary Aussie TV producer John Edwards and his son Dan will produce the project. The “Romper Stomper” series begins filming in Melbourne late next week.