Romero Remakes Argento’s “Deep Red”

Horror legend George A. Romero (“Dawn of the Dead,” “Night of the Living Dead”) is in advanced negotiations to direct a 3D remake of one of his peer’s most acclaimed works – “Deep Red”.

Dario Argento’s 1975 Italian cult classic follows an English pianist (David Hemmings) living in Rome who witnesses the brutal murder of his neighbor, a psychic.

With the help of a tenacious young reporter (Daria Nicolodi) he tries to discover the killer, an obsession endangering his life and that of everyone with whom he comes into contact as the killer starts taking their lives.

A children’s tune, a corpse entombed in the walls of a derelict house, and Argento’s trademark gruesome violence all play a part in the film which, along with his next film “Suspiria”, is often considered the auteur’s best.

Filming kicks off this Fall in Canada for release sometime next year.