Romancing Remake Goes To TV?

Talk recently of remaking 80’s romantic adventure comedy classic “Romancing the Stone” as a Katherine Heigl/Gerard Butler movie sent many a shiver down one’s spine.

Now Deadline reports that Fox appears to be ditching the planned remake in favour of something else entirely – a TV series for NBC.

“Night at the Museum” and “Date Night” director Shawn Levy would serve as executive producer and will likely helm the pilot of said series which “centers on a successful woman who teams up with an adventurer on weekly missions… her ultimate goal is to find her missing brother”.

That differs somewhat from the film’s plot of a hopeless romantic author of romance novels whose attempt to find her kidnapped sister leads her to partner and ultimately treasure seek with an adventurous bird exporter through some of the rougher areas of Colombia.

“The Forgotten” creator Mark Friedman will write the pilot script which Fox and 21 Laps Entertainment will produce. It isn’t confirmed yet if the movie project will still move forward with the TV reboot also in the works, but it’s now looking unlikely.