“Roma” Release Limited By Tech Demands

Roma Release Limited By Tech Demands

Cinephiles have been very happy with the news that Alfonso Cuaron’s “Roma” will be getting a theatrical release early, rolling out in numerous cinemas starting next week ahead of its premiere on the streaming service mid-December.

Now comes the bad news – it’s going to be on less screens than originally hoped. As the major cinema chains aren’t going to carry the film, the independent theater chains are the ones being talked into screening the movie and there’s a problem, it seems a few don’t have the equipment that the director and streamer demand.

Business Insider reports that chains like Alamo Drafthouse, among others, are passing on the option of showing the film despite its critical acclaim and strong Oscar chances. The reason? The company is asking some pretty high demands for certain theaters to show the film including only in cinemas with Dolby Atmos and if they have one, only in a cinema’s 70mm theater with an exclusive four-week engagement.

Atmos is an extremely expensive sound system that few theaters can afford, especially the independent ones, which is why some are turning it down. Drafthouse turned down “Roma” due to the exclusivity window which would prevent them from showing other high-profile films on that screen during that window.

“Roma” will hit select theaters on November 21st and arrive on Netflix on December 14th.