Roland Emmerich Won’t Get In “The Zone”

Roland Emmerich’s low-budget found-footage alien invasion feature “The Zone” has been cancelled a week before it was scheduled to kick off filming says Heat Vision.

The film, was to be shot for just $5 million and Sony Pictures was set to acquire it as a negative pick-up for release in April. Peter Mackenzie and Brandon Scott were among several actors who had already been in rehearsals for the mostly improv-based feature.

A representative for the director says “This is not a project (Emmerich) is pursuing at this time”, while other members of the production are said to be “at a loss” as to why the plug had been pulled. Speculation though is rife over the glut of both alien invasion and ‘found footage’ films in the market and set to open over the next few months.

On top of the currently released “Paranormal Activity 2”, “Monsters” and this week’s “Skyline”, next March sees the release of the big-budget L.A. alien invasion tale “Battle: Los Angeles” and the sci-fi found footage feature “Apollo 18” followed by a late Summer bows for the Russian-set alien invasion tale “The Darkest Hour”.