Roku Announces The Roku 4 Media Player

With Apple and Amazon having launched new media player units in the past month, current market leader Roku is getting in on the act with a new device – the flatter and fatter Roku 4.

Costing a pricey $130, the device offers 4K for compatible content (the first Roku device to do so), a quad-core processor, 802.11ac MIMO Wifi, remote control with integrated microphone for voice search, optical audio out, and a dedicated button to find the remote control.

The new device includes a new OS which allows users to discover and follow movies and TV shows, to connect to wireless networks with captive portals (like in hotels & dorm rooms) and expanding support for personal media playback.

While Apple and Amazon have expanded heavily into gaming with their new models, Roku is not doing so with the new unit.

Source: Roku