“Rogue One” Scribe Resurrects “Last Starfighter”

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” screenwriter Gary Whitta has just shared concept art for a project he’s working on – one with ties to the 1984 cult classic “The Last Starfighter”.

Whitta posted on Twitter that he wants to share “a little something I’ve been tinkering on with my co-writer Jonathan Betuel” – and posted four concept art pictures that were unmistakably tied to the 1984 space film which Betuel co-wrote.

Lance Guest starred in the original as a young man whose skill at an arcade game leads him to being recruited in a real galactic war, defending “the Frontier” from Xur (Norman Snow) and the Ko-Dan Armada.

Whitta added: “You might recognize the ships. Thanks to the amazing Matt Allsopp for creating these images for us.” He was also asked if it was a reboot or a sequel to which he only responded: “Forgot to cc @Sethrogen since I know he’s a fan :)… Okay, back to work… might have a bit more for you later” with that post including a photo from the original film.

There’s been no word on a potential remake of the property aside from a report three years ago about a potential TV series adaptation which would have sequences that allowed for VR use.