Rogue One Mysterious Figure Revealed?


One of the most talked about shots of last month’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” first trailer was one which seemed to imply an appearance by one of the old trilogy’s key figures – Darth Vader.

Now, Making Star Wars has posted a lengthy report which says they have been able to verify from no less than three sources that Darth Vader is in the film. In fact they suggest the film’s costume designers have gone to great lengths to match the character’s look from the original 1977 “Star Wars” film:

“The costume is the A New Hope costume down to the fine details. The upper armor has the tunic going over the top of the shoulders, just as it did in Episode IV. The belt buckle is the same. The inside of the cape is that shiny type of material.

The gloves are identical and not like the ones in the following films. The lights on the belt are the same. The chest piece’s lights match perfectly. The mask is not like the symmetrical Revenge of the Sith mask; it appears to look just like the original did. The neck of the mask and the widow’s peak are all there. The lenses have that amber look to them… If it weren’t for the materials I saw looking so new, I would have believed it was a photo from A New Hope. I find it to be virtually indistinguishable from the original. They nailed it.

So is that him in that talked about shot from the trailer? Not quite. You see it seems he does make an appearance in that scene, but not in the way you’d expect. It’s a scene that also apparently answers an age old question of the franchise:

“One source is certain that the blue tank we see in the teaser has Darth Vader inside it. This person has a lot of material associated with the production. They believe a sequence was filmed in which Darth Vader gets his limbs interchanged and repaired in the movie.

If accurate, it would explain some in-universe discrepancies around Darth Vader’s abilities in the 1977 film compared to the rest of the stories we’ve seen from Vader’s appearances in Star Wars Rebels to the work Bob Anderson did to make Vader a swordsmen.

The site also suggests the production has also recreated Vader’s meditation chamber from “The Empire Strikes Back”. We’ll see the truth for ourselves when the film opens December 15th.