“Rogue One” Gets New Banners, TV Spot

Disney’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” opens next month and so the near-release marketing campaign has begun in earnest. Today, two new banners and a TV spot with a few new lines from Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso have been released, see them below.

In related “Star Wars” news, some quotes from the upcoming 3D Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” have begun popping up online. Turns out in the film’s commentary track (via CBM, director J.J. Abrams shot down one fan theory – that Rey and Kylo Ren had met before:

“One of the new relationships that we were focusing on was between Kylo Ren and Rey. They’ve never met but he’s heard of this girl. This moment, I think, is actually lovely and the idea that these two women who’d never met knew of each other, and they’re both Force-strong and they’re both bound by their loss and their strength.”

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hits shelves on November 15th, while “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” opens in cinemas on December 16th.