Rogue One Enlists Another For Reshoots

Depending upon whom you believe, reshoots on “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” are either fairly minimal and mostly just about making it better, or they’re extensive and part of some serious retooling. All seem to indicate the studio is keen on making something that’s tonally more akin to the main “Star Wars” series and more familiar than the first cut screened for executives – one which is rumored to be more of a dark war movie than people might expect.

On Friday we learned that “Bourne” film series scribe Tony Gilroy had come onboard to help with re-writes. Now, THR reports that not only will Gilroy’s role be more extensive than that, he’ll be joined by someone else.

The trade says that along with re-writes Gilroy will be behind the camera during additional filming, supervising the reshoots, while veteran stunt coordinator and second unit director Simon Crane (“Edge of Tomorrow,” “World War Z”) will also assist in what’s said to be six weeks of additional filming. This certainly raises a question as to director Gareth Edwards’ involvement moving forward.

With the franchise now responsible for a massive revenue stream that includes box office, theme parks, toys and the like, the franchise will tread the safest and most wide appealing path possible – despite the spin-offs being sold on the idea that these are where the franchise can take the kinds of risks the main series can’t.

At present the film is still on target for release on December 16th.