Rogue Nation Cut Key Villain Scene

One of the more common compliments given to this past weekend’s “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” has been that of the film getting a solid villain in the form of English actor Sean Harris.

Harris has built a career in recently mostly playing bad guys from his acclaimed work on Showtime’s “The Borgias” and the “Red Riding” and “Southcliffe” mini-series along with parts in such films as “’71,” “Prometheus,” “Deliver Us from Evil,” “A Lonely Place to Die,” and the upcoming “Macbeth”.

Harris has also generally avoided blockbuster filmmaking in the past, though has been drawn to it on occasion depending upon the filmmaker. Speaking with Deadline, writer/director Christopher McQuarrie talked about re-writes to the film’s script and how that ultimately had a big impact on Harris’ role as the film’s antagonist Solomon Lane:

My one regret is there is one real showcase scene with Sean and it didn’t make it into the finished film. Ironically, it was the scene that enticed Sean to do the movie in the first place. For a lot of reasons we ended up cutting it from the film. To his credit, Sean saw the finished film and was very understanding of it. Sean is a real pro, someone who came in with an apprehension of what kind of movie it was, the tone, and what the film was asking him to do. He tackled the role despite it being more or less against his religion.

It’s hoped the scene itself will end up on the eventual DVD & Blu-ray release at the end of the year.