Rodriguez Updates “Sin City” Sequel Shoot

“Sin City” sequel director Robert Rodriguez has confirmed that Bruce Willis is set to reprise his role from the first film.

Appearing at the Sundance Film Festival, Rodriguez says at present one of the introduction stories is the only one that’s complete. The main three segments are being shot piecemeal as the actors become available and all three still have more footage to be shot.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt hasn’t shot his scenes yet. In that story, ‘The Long Bad Night,’ he plays a cocky gambler who comes to town to try and beat the town’s biggest villain at his own game and things don’t go well.

Juno Temple and Ray Liotta shot together and have already done their scenes. Jeremy Piven’s scenes were also just shot, and the actress who will play the titular ‘Dame to Kill For’ will be cast within the next few weeks.

Finally, Rodriguez confirms that they are shooting the film natively in 3D and they are employing the latest Alexa cameras for it.

Source: MTV News