Rodriguez Talks Predators, Sin Sequels

Out doing press for this week’s “Predators”, director Robert Rodriguez talked with Movieweb about the various sequels and other projects he’s attached to.

In terms of “Predators”, there’s apparently “several ideas that we can go with for a sequel… we would probably put them together to see which one rises to the top, if we made another one” he says.

He also seems to have a favourite character from the film which he’d like to pursue – “Laurence Fishburne’s character (Noland) around in a prequel would be a great movie. Just the tales he tells in this movie alone, I want to see those experiences.”

The helmer also claims his planned adaptation of Mike Allred’s “Mad Man” comic book is “still on the plate too”, however no real progress seems to have been made on the “Sin City” sequel.

“It’s in the same place as always, I’m working on the script. I’m trying to actually find the time to do it because I know I’m doing ‘Spy Kids 4: Armageddon’ next. But then I’ll have an open slot so [Sin City 2] could go after that” says Rodriguez.