Rodriguez Talks “Jonny Quest” Movie

With the Television Critics Association tour continuing today, one panelist that has been doing interviews has been none other than filmmaker Robert Rodriguez who has been promoting the second season of his “From Dusk Till Dawn” TV series.

Collider spoke with the “Sin City” helmer and managed to ask him about the live-action film based on the classic “Jonny Quest” cartoon that he has in the works. At last report Rodriguez would be directing the film as well as working on the script alongside Terry Rossio based on a draft by Dan Mazeu. Asked about where the project stands he says:

“I’m turning in the script right now. I’ve just been working on the script. I love Jonny Quest. The originals are so cool. They were really ahead of their time. I grew up with them because they used to play in syndication, and my kids still love them.

They’re action-packed. That was an action cartoon. They had to cancel it after the first season because they couldn’t keep up with it. The amount of drawings was like four times the amount of drawings. It was an adventure. Before Indiana Jones, it was an Indiana Jones/James Bond action-adventure strip with a kid in it. It just happened to have a kid. It wasn’t a kid’s story. It was an action-adventure story that had a kid in it.

So, that’s what it’s going to be with the movie. I made Spy Kids movies, but those are more kids being spies and their family. This is more of a legitimate action-adventure film that has a kid in it.”

He was also asked about what sort of tone and rating he’s aiming for to which he replied: “It will be PG or PG-13. It depends. Sometimes with the action, even if it’s not bloody, it depends on how the ratings’ board feels. I tried to make Spy Kids G-rated. They made it PG, just ’cause there’s action. It depends on how far you push that.”