Rodriguez On “Sin City 2,” “Fire” & More

Robert Rodriguez hit Comic Con hard yesterday to promote “Spy Kids 4D: All The Time In The World” and in the process talked up all the various projects he’s been linked to for his next potential feature. Lets break it down:

Sin City 2
The script isn’t ready as they’re about to take another pass at it, but Rodriguez will shoot as soon as it is done and it should be this year. He says scheduling is never a problem for that film, for example Mickey Rourke and Rutger Hauer shot their scenes on the first film eight months apart, despite both sharing a scene at one point. He also expects practically all of the first film’s cast will return.

Heavy Metal
Rodriguez says he’d probably direct one of the stories in the anthology film, and would maybe shoot the framing story.

Machete 2 & 3
Both sequels have been greenlit he tells Vulture, but before he makes “Machete Kills” he’ll produce another fake trailer for the improbably named third film – “Machete Kills Again … in Space”. He added that it will be kind of like “Moonraker” but with the Machete character.

Fire and Ice
He confirmed he’s teamed with fantasy artist Frank Frazetta’s estate for a live-action take on 1983 animated feature “Fire and Ice” and hopes to be as close and reverent to it as he was to Miller’s “Sin City” work.

Quentin Tarantino
Rodriguez says he and his “Grindhouse” cohort Quentin Tarantino will “get an itch to do something else together. we’re already talking about stuff”. However it’ll probably be a few years down the track.