Rodriguez On “Predators” Trailer Confusion

Relatively frequent is the case of trailers including shots of scenes that don’t appear in the film.

In most cases it’s because the scene itself is cut out from the theatrical print by the director or editor after the trailer has been assembled or released, a good example being the glimpse of the Earth scenes in the trailer for “Avatar”.

More recently there’s been a bit of a kerfuffle over the trailer for “Predators” (SPOILERS AHEAD). In the film the group of humans are hunted by three of the alien creatures, whereas a shot in the trailer of Adrien Brody being targeted with multiple lasers gave the distinct impression of at least a dozen creatures.

Unlike other examples of trailer/film missing scenes, the shot itself is the ‘money shot’ of the trailer, one of the longest cuts in said preview, and actually gives the impression of a more epic scale than the eventual film delivered.

MTV News spoke with producer Robert Rodriguez about the change and the filmmaker confirmed he shot that scene specifically for the trailer. “You don’t want people to always know. A lot of my movies have trailer shots that I shoot just for the trailer, so that people haven’t seen the movie already but they get the feeling of what it’s supposed to represent.”

He added that “It’s kind of a good twist to do that. If you go and you think that’s what it’s going to be, and then it’s not that and it ends up happening in another place in the movie.”