Rodriguez Juggling Jetsons & Lost

Director Robert Rodriguez has gotten a lot of ink today with at least two projects being potentially lined up for the “Sin City,” “Spy Kids” & “Grindhouse” helmer. The question is what’s more interesting to him – space or dinosaurs?

As rumoured yesterday, Rodriguez is in very early talks to direct a live-action feature version of futuristic 1960s cartoon “The Jetsons” for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Rodriguez himself confirmed to AICN that Warners offered him several projects with ‘Jetsons’ looking the most interesting, but it will depend upon the script – the latest draft of which is being done by Adam Goldberg (“Fanboys”).

In the same interview he mentioned that there was something else on the horizon for him, but wouldn’t elaborate. That project could be the film version of the 1970s Sid and Marty Krofft fantasy TV series “Land of the Lost.”

Today’s trades report that Rodriguez met with Will Ferrell and Universal execs for helming duties on ‘Land’ – but again it was early talk, no official offers or discussions have been made or entered into so far.

Though not a member of the Director’s Guild, Rodriguez could direct a studio movie if he declared himself under “financial core” status with the DGA.