“Rocky” Sequel Film & Prequel Series Planned?

Stallone Plans Dirty Cop Series Tenderloin

Sylvester Stallone turned 73 this month, and in recent years has become known for closing out his signature franchises. Last year’s “Creed II” was said to be his final turn in the role of Rocky Balboa, while this fall’s “Rambo: Last Blood” could easily be his final time in that role.

Now, in a recent interview with Variety, Stallone has backtracked a bit and revealed that another installment in the “Rocky” franchise is being drawn up – not “Creed III” but rather “Rocky VII” and this will involve the onetime boxing champ befriending a young street fighter living in the U.S. illegally.

It’s more than a pipe dream it seems as series producer Irwin Winkler says negotiations are happening to get Stallone to write and star in the production.

That’s not all though as Stallone also says discussions are underway for a potential prequel TV series to be setup at a streaming platform.

Stallone also speaks in the interview about how a ‘lack of business savvy’ in his early career has left him with zero ownership of the “Rocky” franchise.

Stallone’s “Rambo: Last Blood” is scheduled to open September 20th.