Rocky Horror Remake? Killa Killa Killa Kill Me

While remakes are all the rage, even the most capitalistic studio executive should have an inkling about where to draw the line. There are some movies that should not be done again because they captured a spark of timing and daring that simply cannot be repeated.

Obviously no-one told Fox 2000 that as the distributor is looking into a remake of the 1975 musical cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” reports Deadline. The studio is also in pursuit of “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy to potentially direct the feature.

Based on Richard O’Brien’s raucous British stage musical, which itself has been running in numerous revivals and productions around the world for four decades now, ‘Rocky’ holds the unbeatable record of being the longest running theatrical release in film history and still packs them in at midnight screenings famed for their audience interaction.

Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick starred in the film, a comedic and sci-fi take on the “Frankenstein” tale mixed with healthy doses of sexual liberation, camp, rebellion, cross-dressing and just outright silly fun.

The timing doesn’t come as much of a shock. The film celebrates its 35th anniversary this month with a high-profile Blu-ray release tomorrow, while a special tribute episode of Murphy’s “Glee” devoted to all things ‘Rocky’ airs next Tuesday.