Rockwell Talks “Iron Man 2” Role

Sam Rockwell is currently at work on the “Iron Man” sequel and tells MTV News that they’ve made some changes to his character from the comic.

Rockwell plays Justin Hammer a rival billionaire industrialist to Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. In the comic though, he’s a white-haired elderly gent. “They wanted to go with a rival for Tony Stark who is closer to his age, and make him American” said Rockwell.

The actor also confirms that his character’s feud with stark won’t turn physical – “My character is the brains, not the brawn.” Also many of the actors are being allowed to improv and bring their own interpretations to the characters.

Also, Favreau revealed a few hours ago on Twitter that Scarlett Johansson has begun work in her Black Widow outfit. Filming takes place later tonight outside Randy’s Donuts on Manchester Blvd in Los Angeles says Movie Chronicles.