Rockwell On Moon, Fine, Broncos

In an upcoming exclusive interview with Dark Horizons, actor Sam Rockwell talked quite a lot about his busy upcoming slate during promotions for the film adaptation of Chuck Palanhiuk’s “Choke”.

First up “Moon”, the sci-fi thriller about an astronaut stranded on a lunar colony. Rockwell says he’s “real proud of that. It was a tough shoot… technically challenging. I’m playing clones and stuff, it was a real acting challenge but it was a lot of fun”.

His character is stranded on a space station on the moon where he’s mining a product called Helium Three that holds the key to reversing the Earth’s energy crisis. “He’s been up there quite like Robinson Crusoe, he’s been up there with a robot. Then he meets his clone, and he has to deal with the clone” says Rockwell. Despite the technical difficulties of filming and playing both versions of himself, they shot the piece in a little over a month he claims.

After that was “Everybody’s Fine” in which he plays the son of Robert DeNiro’s character, and the new film from “Napoleon Dynamite” director Jared Hess entitled “Gentlemen Broncos”.

Rockwell describes that film as “Rushmore meets Buck Rogers…I play, like, a hillbilly Buck Rogers. Sort of a cowboy Flash Gordon.” So it has a sci-fi tone? “You’ll see. It’s a movie within a movie. It’s an interesting film.”

Will the acclaimed thesp ever direct? “It’d have to be the right material. I don’t really have a big desire right now, but you never know.”