Rocksteady’s “Superman” Game Details Leak?

Apparent leaked details have emerged regarding “Batman: Arkham” video game franchise creators Rocksteady’s next project – an open world “Superman” game.

Posted on 4Chan, there are obvious comparisons being made between the ‘Arkham’ games and this unnamed Superman project. Made in Unreal Engine 4, the open world of Metropolis is said to be around three times the size of Gotham in “Batman: Arkham Knight” and boast a lot more buildings.

You will play as Superman, but can’t play as Clark Kent, and he will be ‘nerfed’ with powers on a level akin to the animated 1990s series. The story will be set within the Arkhamverse with easter eggs referencing those games and Superman lore, while the main villain will be Brainiac.

There will be semi-destructible environments (but no buildings collapsing), the combat system integrates flying, and announcements on a separate multiplayer-centric “Justice League” game should be coming soon – potentially during E3. Rocksteady has been teasing a new project for some time with a Superman project being the most common guess to date.

Source: CBM