Rocksteady’s “Superman” Game At E3?

After it finished work on “Batman: Arkham Knight,” Rocksteady Studios has long been rumored to be working on a top-secret project involving another DC Comics hero – be it either “Superman” or a full-on “Justice League” title.

The company has been dead silent though, locking down on any leaks to the point no-one is sure what to expect. However a new posting on 4chan (via ComicBookMovie) suggests they may finally be ready to debut the game at E3.

In fact, the rumor suggests the game will officially be announced this coming week when Game Informer unveils their July cover. The first gameplay footage will then debut next Sunday, during Microsoft’s E3 conference at 4pm US-EST. Gameplay footage will demonstrate the flying controls and the new combat system as Superman battles Brainiac drones.

Of course, back in November, a similar rumor went around and Game Informer executive editor Andrew Reiner dismissed it flat out. Asked again about the report today, he responded on Twitter with the more cryptic: “He needs a new cape.”