Rocksteady Games Explains E3 Absence

Many were hoping “Batman: Arkham City” creators Rocksteady Games would reveal their current top secret project at E3 this week.

The title is expected to be a new game based on the DC Comics “Superman” property, and company co-founder Sefton Hall has now issued a statement on why there was nothing shown:

“We know some of you were disappointed that we were not at E3 this year. The whole team has been reading your comments, and all of us here at Rocksteady really appreciate your passion for our next project. Knowing how much it means to you keeps us inspired and energised to deliver a game that you will be proud of. We’ll share it with you as soon as it’s ready.”

It’s widely thought the Superman game would follow the same mechanics as the ‘Arkham’ series. No date has yet been set or estimated for the new game.

Source: Coming Soon