Robotech Returns As A Kickstarter Mini-Series

“Robotech,” one of the first Western incarnations of Japanese science-fiction anime, is coming back thanks to a crowd-funding

Harmony Gold, the production company responsible for bringing “Robotech” to the United States, is planning the miniseries “Robotech Academy”. The project, which will run through August 7th, is seeking $500,000 of funding to create a quality, 22-minute pilot for an eventual miniseries.

The original 1985 series was actually a combination of three different Japanese television shows – footage from “Super Dimensional Fortress Macross,” “Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross,” and “Genesis Climber Mospeada” was cobbled together and redubbed to create an original 85-episode animated series that could be syndicated across U.S. markets.

As a result, a lot of rewriting and editing had to be done to stitch together three unrelated series to portray it as one cohesive storyline that spans three generations. To this day, the first season (based on the ‘Macross’ series) remains the most well-regarded.

“Robotech Academy” does not yet have a release date in mind.