Robin Williams Revisits Vietnam?

Twenty years on people look back at the Robin Williams comedy “Good Morning, Vietnam” with fond memories.

Seems a shame to spoil them, but according to a source for The Hollywood News, a sequel may be in the works with Robin Williams back on board.

The original had Williams playing Adrian Cronauer, a disc jockey on Armed Forces Radio Saigon (AFRS) who proves hugely popular with the troops serving in South Vietnam during the war, but infuriates his superiors with what they call his “irreverent tendency”.

According to their scooper Williams, currently prepping to work on a film adaptation of “The Krazees”, was seen this week walking around with a copy of a script for a “Good Morning Vietnam” sequel.

Williams apparently told the scooper’s contact that he’s reading it at the moment, but that “its really good so far”.

Hmmm, sounds iffy and one wonders why in the world they’re bothering with a sequel now. Well, take it for what it’s worth.