Robin Hood Trailer Early Look

The next two weeks will see a bunch of big Spring and Summer films premiering new trailers which will be attached to “Avatar” and “Sherlock Holmes”.

At a screening of “It’s Complicated” this morning, a trailer for Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” premiered and showed an unexpected approach with the marketing in that the character name isn’t mentioned until the title at the very end – the tag line and tone is gritty, realistic and promises a look at the ‘man behind the legend’.

In fact the trailer goes out of its way to avoid mentioning Nottingham or any character names, which unfortunately makes this look like an all too familiar pre-medieval war movie. It’s a teaser so the focus is on action, but it’s simply men on horses fighting either in the woods or on a grim looking beach.

What does work are the leads, Blanchett with dark long hair and Crowe with his salt and pepper crew cut seem well matched. Other characters are glimpsed but pass by too quickly to get an idea of them, though the money shot of a mud and blood covered Crowe poised to fire an arrow will be enough to draw people in.

Also expected to hit very soon are a new “Clash of the Titans” trailer where the new look Kraken is the money shot, and the first teaser for “Iron Man 2” that’ll probably reuse much of the Comic-Con footage.