Robert Downey Jr. Is Hugh Hefner?

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner has signed off on Robert Downey Jr. to play him in the upcoming biopic “Playboy”.

Hef apparently took a liking to the actor after seeing “Iron Man” and admires his humor and vulnerability.

Hefner grew up in Chicago’s Galewood suburb and launched Playboy there before moving the California. Thus the film, which focuses on the early years of the magazine, is expected to be shot around Chicago.

Shooting on the project is expected to happen next summer, depending upon Downey’s “Iron Man 2” commitments and finalization of the script. Downey’s reps are more cautious, saying that he’s unlikely to commit until a script is done and a director is named.

Previously “Rush Hour” director Brett Ratner was attached, but has since left the project.