Robert Downey Jr. Dives Into “Yucatan”

Robert Downey Jr. is set to star in the heist film “Yucatan” for Warner Bros. Pictures according to Deadline New York.

Anthony Peckham (“Sherlock Holmes”) will pen the script, taking over from earlier writer Paul Scheuring (“Prison Break”), and will base it on almost 1,700 pages of decades-old notes and storyboards done by late acting legend Steve McQueen.

The story follows a group of thieves, lead by a deep sea salvage specialist (Downey), who head to Mexico to find Mayan treasure buried underwater for centuries in ruins beneath the Yucatan peninsula.

Dan Lin, Downey and his wife Susan were attached to the project as producers back in June but wasn’t sure whether he would be involved on screen. Now he’s set for the lead role, but no production schedule has yet been locked in.