Robert de Niro Joining “Machete”?

Update 7/18: The Playlist says that Steven Seagal is also being rumored, and may be close to signing.

Original 7/17: Bloody Disgusting has scored some interesting casting rumors about “Machete”, the upcoming Robert Rodriguez-directed vigilante action film based on the “Grindhouse” trailer.

According to the site Michelle Rodriguez (TV’s “Lost,” “Fast and Furious”) and Jonah Hill (“Superbad,” “Funny People”) are set to play Luz and Julio respectively, while the legendary Robert DeNiro has a small role as ‘Senator McLaughlin’.

The talk is just rumor for now. Danny Trejo is set to return as the titular gun-toting Mexican while Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis are co-directing the project which begins filming July 29th.