Rob Weiss To Helm “Hell’s Angels” Movie

“Entourage” writer and producer Rob Weiss has come onboard to co-write and direct the long gestating “Hell’s Angels” movie

The late Tony Scott was previously attached to helm the project which would’ve centered on Sonny Barger, the eighteen-year-old who founded the Oakland chapter of the notorious motorcycle gang in 1957.

Barger became a key figure in the gang’s rise as an international organization. Jeffrey Santos will co-write the film which spans a time period between the 1950s and the 1970s.

One key scene is the The Rolling Stones concert in Altmont, California where the Angels were asked to provide security due to the stage being so low. One young man died, while a pregnant woman suffered a skull fracture.

Tony Scott’s name will be kept on the film as a producer. Scott originally envisioned the film as a “Donnie Brasco”-esque thriller, whereas Weiss plans to shift the focus to be more on the club itself and its part in 1960s California counter-culture.

Source: Deadline