Rob Schneider for “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” (On-Set)

It’s about 9 o’clock in downtown Amsterdam, and Rob Schneider, comic extraordinaire, is taking a short break while filming the long awaited and long-gestated sequel to his five year old Deuce Bigelow hit comedy. “I’m literally two blocks from the heart of the Red Light district in Amsterdam,” Schneider says laughingly on his assistant’s cell phone. It’s an appropriate locale for the comic to be, and insists that temptations aside, he is behaving himself. “I wish I was having more fun, or was before we had the chance.  I wanted to make this the best comedy sequel ever, which unfortunately is not a high bar because all comedy sequels suck but we want to make this better than the first one,” says Schneider, who had been talking about reprising Deuce for ages.

The reason it took so long, the actor says, is because “Disney didn’t want to make a dirty movie, so we gave it to Sony, who wanted to make it.  It was difficult because it’s not really done, where they take a sequel from one studio and another studio usually doesn’t want it or the other studio wouldn’t give it up so that’s what took time and I just think it was a little too racy for Disney.” Schneider laughs when asked how racy the Bigelow sequel will be. “I would say it puts the ‘ph’ in filthy,” Schneider says. “I think it’s been five years since the first one, the kids have sort of grown up, and I think we’re ready to push the limits a little bit, as long as it’s not mean spirited. It gets about as on edge as you can get and then we back away, so it is pretty outrageous.”

The bar has often been lifted on the kinds of outrageous comedies exemplified by the likes of American Pie. Schneider hopes his return as Deuce Bigelow will take the genre to new heights. “Hopefully has a better story and not just, wrapped around gags.  This has good characters with a good story wrapped around interesting characters and some physical comedy with these big comedy set pieces, so I think it is infinitely more satisfying.  I think the boundaries of taste ebb and flow,” Schneider explains.  “Once in a while you think it’s going to become more and more liberal, then Janet Jackson shows her boob and everybody gets conservative again.  I’m pushing for something that I think is fun, exciting and shocking, which is tough to do these days.”

In the sequel, which Schneider insists is still untitled, “someone is killing the great gigolos of the world. These guys are really interesting beautiful characters, really narcissistic and every time they’re on screen they’re funny.” As for setting the new film in Amsterdam, “I think it’s exotic in a fun way.  I think Deuce wouldn’t know anything about the place, he’s never been to Europe, never been out of America though I think he went to Mexico once.  The first one was about all the women and the dates, so I thought this could be more interesting if we bring in the other international gigolos. ” Schneider says he’s having a blast working in Amsterdam. “It’s a really great crew, mostly Dutch, terrific actors. The lead actress is Dutch, and has never been in a Hollywood movie before.”

Schneider says that it was easy to return the character that helped establish him as one of Hollywood’s most irreverent comic actors. “From the first day, Eddy Griffin and I kind of rolled back into it.  It’s exciting doing a sequel, because for a while I didn’t want to appeal to the horror nature of this business. I honestly thought we could make it better and we took like a year or a year and a half to get the picture made and in the meantime I got together with all my team. David Garrett and Jason Ward helped write and my friend Josh Lead, and Lou Morton and like half of the Simpson’s writing staff helped out.” In true modest form, Schneider says that his ambition in making this sequel was simple. “I wanted it to be my absurd comic masterpiece and then walk away from it.  I wanted to do something that will hold up to the Pythons.” After this, Schneider says, Deuce no more. “I don’t think you can follow it or top this in the same way. I think this is a new bar and instead of trying to raise it I think I’d like to build a bar somewhere else, and serve drinks,” he says laughingly.

Finally we conclude as we began, as he wishes he could finally take advantage of the night life Amsterdam offers. “,I’m trying to because usually in movies I’m so conservative because I want to be ready, want to look decent enough on screen and have my energy and my wits about me because you have to work 16 or 17 hour days and it’s usually the last take is when you come up with ideas. However, I have been occasionally sneaking out to the coffee shops and looking at naked girls in windows, but not as often as I’d like, or as I’d prefer.”