Rob Schmidt To Helm King’s Insomnia

“Wrong Turn” director Rob Schmidt is set to the helm an adaptation of Stephen King’s “Insomnia” reports Dread Central.

The story follows the recently widowed Ralph Roberts who develops acute insomnia. His sleepless nights wandering the town soon become stranger when he starts noticing not only varied color auras streaming out of people’s heads, but two odd like men dressed like surgeons and up to no good.

The story marks an odd choice for adaptation as it ties in countless references to King’s “Dark Tower” series and a few other King books like “It”, along with featuring both visions of a giant catfish and an act of domestic terrorism (an explosives-packed bi-plane aiming to kamikaze an anti-abortion rally).

Schmidt confirms that due to the varying ages of the main characters (they get younger as the film progresses), the plan is to hire actors in their thirties in age make-up (courtesy of Stan Winston) that will be removed progressively.